Pak Paragliding

Pak Paragliding is a club run by Pak Adventures, registered with Micro Light Organisations under Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan, dedicated for the promotion of Paragliding in Pakistan. It has a Paragliding School offering exclusive training modules for Paragliding Flights and TandemParagliding, para motoring Courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced. 


Paragliding is the most exhilarating and peaceful, simple, yet challenging form of aviation yet devised. The modern paraglider has opened up the skies to thousands of people from all walks of life, right across the globe. It is a sport that unites people's differences, giving them a unique common interest,To pursue mans oldest dream to fly like a bird. We can offer the quickest and easiest paragliding lessons to get you airborne as soon as possible as a solo pilot. The club has access to some of the best flying sites for aspiring pilots. Pak Paragliding utilizes the most suitalbe sites in Lahore & Choa Saidan Shah District Chakwal, Mirpur Azad Kashmir and Mang near Khanpur Dam. Come and learn to fly with Pak Paragliding.


Get the closest feeling to everyone’s dream of truly free flight without training. Flying with an expert instructor Pilot. No experience required. 


Want to make sure paragliding is for you before you commit to the Elementary Pilot course?
Want a brilliant gift for someone adventurous?
Do you just want an exhilarating day out to remember for the rest of your life?

Fun day is a chance to try out paragliding, to experience free flight as a solo pilot in the safest possible environment, under the instruction of Flying Instructor.

You will be introduced to the sport and equipment and will then be taught the techniques for take off, basic canopy control and low level flight. By the end of your Fun day you will be able to launch from a slope, fly, turn and land the glider under radio instruction. Your first time flying solo is an experience you'll never forget!

The Fun day is a great paragliding touch that will keep you fantasizing till your next flight. If you're contemplating doing the Elementary Pilot course. If you want to upgrade to EP after your Fun day, you are eligible for discount. 

Brief History of Paragliding in Pakistan

Paragliding was developed in Europe during early 1980s and was open to all  as a sport. French mountaineers were probably the first to fly Para gliders in air of Pakistan during 1985 in Northern Areas. Later Many foreigners flew among the highest mountain on earth. In September 2004 Markus Mayer – German and some of his friends enjoyed their flights near the Fairy Meadows, Nanga Parbat base of Riakot. Hamish Robertson – Australian mountaineer also flew from Gondogoro Pass to Hushe Valley in 2005 summer.

Pakistani Paragliders emerged on the scene in 1990's when a Pakistani enthusiasts Sajjad Hussain Shah and Colonel Doctor Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, brought this sport to Pakistan and demonstrated their skills to Pakistanis through Pakistan Television. Later on many other people got interested and learnt this sport and flown in the airs of Pakistan like, Belal Ahmed, Abbas Hussain, Major Hamid and instructors Mr Akhtar & Mr Saleem who rendered their services to train and enable more and more people from civil community. In 2010 Brigadier Ajab Khan promoted this sport as part of other adventure sports in Swat valley.

Later in 2011 this sport was taken to its heights by Brigadier Saqib Rasheed Ahmad Khan ensuring country wide proliferation of this sport as project manager of "Spirit of Swat Program" This was the period when maximum publicity of this sport was done through  national media setting a precedence for all major festivals to incorporate the paragliding demonstrations and shows as part of the festivals. 

Paragliding besides being very exciting sport in safe environments can become very challenging and life-threatening sport for beginners in Karakoram, Hindukush and Himalayan Mountains only recommended for the professionals. Because weather is very different and unpredictable with unusualy strong conditions even for good pilots.