Advanve Paragliding Professional Course
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Paragliding Professional - Advanced Pilot Tandem Course for those who want to become a Paragliding Professional

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PG-3 Paragliding Professional Course

The PG3 or Advanced Pilot license demonstrates you have a very high level of piloting ability on qualification can carry a passenger for a paragliding ride with you.

Minimum Qualification:  FSc/ FA

Main Features of the Course

1. CAA Licence Valid for Pakistan and acceptable world wide with concerned foreign country screening.

2. Award of Diploma as Tourist Guide Tandem Pilot.

3. Professional qualification to earn from Paragliding Tourism. (At normal safe pace a tourist Tandem Pilot can earn 15 lac to 21 lac per year)

This license allows you to fly at advanced sites and is the gateway to becoming a tandem paragliding pilot.

The PG-3 capability takes a considerable training to achieve from passing your PG2. Students are expected to pass this course with style and that means competently achieving all the tasks in the PG3 syllabus and as a practical test GPS tracklog of a great Cross Country flight for 20 km. The students should be able to demonstrate:-

  • Ability to operate competently at high altitude or in mountainous terrain with ease of confidence, safety and style.
  • Ability to assess unfamiliar landing areas from the air
  • Ability to assess unfamiliar landing areas from the air
  • Ability to determine wind direction during flight
  • Ability to determine wind direction during flight
  • Speak and understand English Language
  • Demonstrate practical knowledge of business ethics
  • Pendulum Action Wingover
  • Wingover Steep Spirals
  • Steep Spirals Big ears
  • Big ears B line stall

Demonstrate the following (to be carried out over water):

  • 50% collapse (fast correction)
  • 50% collapse (correction after 180º turn)
  • 50 % B-line stall 
  • Pre-negative feel
  • Negative spin (opposite brake recovery)
  • A minimum total logged time of 5 hours & 100 flights
  • Have a documented thermal cross-country flight of at least 20km one way (Within Pakistan)
  • Have logged at least 5 Tandem flights taking off.
  • Have logged 10 flights with height gains in excess of 500 ft. above take-off altitude
  • Have completed soaring flights from more than 3 sites, each with a minimum duration of 30 minutes.
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Top landings, slope landings ( optional for available sites)
  • Wingovers (optional)

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