Advance PG Course
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7 Day Intensive Training to Pilots desiring to fly Independently

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Advance PG Course – Full Pilot

The APGC gives you as much freedom as your own wings, you will experience the power of free flight and float like a bird over the landscapes.

This course will teach you to become an independent pilot who is competent, relaxed and therefore safe, so you will enjoy all that paragliding has to offer for years to come.

The APGC is the license required to leave the school and fly unsupervised But Within Limits in PAKISTAN.

The APGC typically takes 10-12 days, the length of the course depends on your availability, state of physical fitness the weather, and how well and quickly you progress.

Training begins on a gentle slope refreshing the old lessons to take off and land, some ground handling allowing you to refresh the basic controls. Theory sessions are given on weather, flight theory, airmanship and air law.

Gentle flights from low down on the hill are extended higher up the slope as the ability and confidence grows. Tandem flights are used and radio instruction to aid tuition. Techniques such as ground handling, gentle turns and accurate flight planning are taught. Student’s progress is endorsed by instructor in student record book as they complete tasks satisfactorily.

Course Syllabus:

It teaches the Pak Paragliding APGC syllabus:

(A) Flight skills. Demonstrated competency in the following skills:

  1. Equipment set up and pre-flight checks
  2. Controlled forward inflations and launch
  3. Big ears, with/without weight shift
  4. Controlled reverse inflations and launch
  5. Pitch and roll control in straight flight
  6. Coordinated high and low bank turns.
  7. 360 degree turns left and right with pitch and roll control
  8. Speed bar, big ears and speed bar.
  9. Controlled landing into the wind within 20m of a predetermined spot on 2 consecutive flights.

 (B) Knowledge and attitude:

  1. Knowledge of rescue parachute deployment and PLF
  2. Understand alternative landing approach methods
  3. Appropriate site, weather and risk assessments.
  4. Demonstrate a “safety first” attitude for self and others.
  5. Know and obey the right of way rules when flying with other aircraft.

(C) Flight Experience (student log book to be sighted by an instructor before signing).

  1. Total 15 flights from authorised launch sites gradually increasing in height.
  2. Flights from at least 2 different launch sites to at least 3 different landing areas. 
  3. At least 5 take-offs in winds of 5 knots ( 9 km/hr) or less. (Optional depending on weather)
  4. At least 5 take-offs in winds of 9 knots (17km/hr) or more. (Optional depending on weather)
  5. At least 3 Long flights from advanced sites. (Arra, Pidh, Gaj Ali Shah or Pir Chenasi)

Equipment We recommend you purchase equipment during this course so you get used to using it whilst under instruction. We offer a full range of new equipment from all the leading manufacturers and can arrange demo gliders. We can also offer some second hand equipment and advice on other second hand equipment. Please don't buy an untested glider on ebay without an instructors advice as there is a lot of unsuitable and dangerous equipment that could be the wrong size or type or stolen. (The BHPA have a list of serial numbers of stolen gliders) If you want advice about equipment give us a ring. We offer a discount of 10% on new equipment bought through us.

We also have some old paragliders that may be available for you to use after you are signed off to practice ground handling.

Weather: Paragliding is weather dependent, we need it to be dry and for training winds less than 15mph. It can be frustrating at times but persevere and you will get there. When the weather is right it is a fantastic place to learn to fly.

Fee Deposit bank details: HBL, Wapda Town Branch Lahore, Pakistan Account number PK56 HABB 0012837901160003, Title: Pak Adventures

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